Enjoy a bright and peacful Spring at Arbor Day Farm

Get Your Free Tree in the Lied Greenhouse

…and take part of the adventure home.

Step into the Lied Greenhouse for a close-up view of how tree seedlings are grown at Arbor Day Farm.

Get your free tree seedling at Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure

In the Lied Greenhouse at Arbor Day Farm, we grow hundreds of thousands of trees every year. The expanse of seedlings you see today will soon be distributed and planted all across the country.

As you pass through the Hero Gallery, you'll often see trees being packaged and shipped for the Trees for America program. The trees will be planted by the Arbor Day Foundation's one-million members and partners around the globe, providing shade for homes and habitat for songbirds as they beautify communities and countrysides.

And we want you to plant trees too! As you leave the Hero Gallery, make sure to choose your own free tree and take part of the Tree Adventure home. Planting instructions are included on the tree label.

The growing facilities at Arbor Day Farm also nurture hybrid hazelnuts, a low-input crop that may one day feed and fuel the world. Learn more about the Arbor Day Foundation's hybrid hazelnut program and how you can get involved.